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Have you ever thought of sleeping your way to your dream body or perfect shape? For most people, sleep is associated with weight gain and you have probably heard that if you sleep a lot, you are likely to add more pounds.

But what if we know you can actually sleep and lose weight? Well, we know you don’t believe us. That is because you have never heard of Resurge – the supplement that makes you lose weight while you sleep.

In this piece, we are going to tell you all you need to know about this pill, and how you can use it as an alternative way to lose weight while you sleep.

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Resurge Canada Review: Brand Overview

Most of the supplements will require you to alter your diet or increase your physical activity before you can have the desired results.

It is unknown to many people that you can actually lose weight while you sleep, and this is the main principle behind the operation of Resurge.

It has been considered as a groundbreaking formulation that is going to completely revolutionize how people view weight loss, especially when it comes to the use of supplements.

In this review, we are going to clear all the doubts you may have about this supplement.

We will present you with factual information about the product, including a complete list of the ingredients.

We will not just give a list of the ingredients but will go deeper and tell you the reasons for the inclusion of the ingredients in the formula and also highlight other potential health benefits you are likely to get from those ingredients.

Our review will also dig deeper into the manufacturers of Resurge, and tell you whether or not they are legit.

You will also be getting detailed information on how the supplement works, how to use it for the best results, and who should and shouldn’t use it.

Before telling you about where you can get the supplement, you will get a chance to read a couple of reviews by past users of Resurge so that you can know the kind of expectations to have before you make your purchase.

Hopefully, by the end of this review, you will have all you need to know to make an independent and informed decision on whether or not to add Resurge Supplement in your toolbox for weight loss.

What is Resurge Canada: Is It Genuine?

Resurge is a relatively new entrant into the weight loss market, and one that promises very good results using an unconventional ally in weight loss – sleep.

This weight loss supplement has literally taken the world by a storm, and as more people continue to post good results out of using it, its popularity keeps on increasing.

As noted earlier, the majority of the people who aspire to lose weight will always turn to exercise and diet.

This has always worked, but the problem is that it makes you go from one extreme to another – you either start exercising if you have not been exercising or you are forced to cut off some foods that you used to eat before.

For the majority, the very first days or months of weight loss is always characterized by a lot of misery. With Resurge weight loss supplements, you don’t have to worry about making trips to such extremes.

They provide you with an easy way to lose weight relatively faster and without compelling you to stop eating your favorite foods or forcing you to visit the gym regularly.

With these Supplements, you will enjoy the convenience of your current lifestyle while at the same time losing weight at night.

The Supplements are formulated using a combination of eight natural ingredients. Its mode of operation is designed to target stubborn body fats such as those found in the belly.

The supplement is designed to take advantage of the metabolic activities that go on in your body when you sleep.

This is how it helps you lose weight while you sleep. However, you are likely to get better results with it when you engage in some form of physical activity.

Remember that you don’t have to exercise when you use this supplement, but exercise will help you burn more calories, and allow the supplement good time to focus on torching some of the stubborn fats in your body.

On the legitimacy of the supplement, Resurge is the product of John Barban – a reputable name in the health and sports supplements niche.

The supplement is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility. Its design and formulation are according to the standards and guidelines issued by the GMP.

You will be interested to learn that all the ingredients in this formula are sourced from the best sources, with all the formulation and manufacturing being done in the United States.

Also, there are thousands of happy customers who have reported the great results they got after using the product, and this further adds to its legitimacy as a potent product you can rely on for your weight loss needs.

Resurge Canada Ingredients

Resurge Ingredients

The secret to the great results posted by Resurge lies in its unique combination of ingredients. One beautiful thing about this list of ingredients is that they are all from natural sources.

As such, you don’t have to worry about any adverse side effects as it is always the case with other supplements. The main ingredients in this supplement include-:


Melatonin is a sleep hormone naturally produced by the body. However, due to the current demanding lifestyles, the production is significantly low in most people, hence, they are usually deprived of quality sleep.

The hormone is also known as “darkness hormone” and it works by signaling to the brain that it is time to go to sleep.

With age, the production of this vital sleep hormone goes down. As such, it is always a good idea to supplement it to normal levels so that you can always be assured of great and quality sleep every night.

Some of the other notable benefits you will get from increasing your uptake of melatonin include deep and better sleep, better eye health, and it may also help to treat conditions such as Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease – GERD. This is a condition when there is a backflow of stomach acid back into the esophagus, leading to symptoms such as belching, nausea, and heartburn.


A tough name here, but it is commonly known as 5-HTP – a byproduct of L-tryptophan, which is a naturally occurring amino acid.

This substance is important in helping to shorten the amount of time to fall asleep as well as increasing the duration of your sleep.

It is also known to have very positive effects on your mood. Studies also show that it can help your body deal with symptoms of stress and anxiety.


This is an ancient herb that is highly regarded in India, and one that has been used as a traditional cure for centuries.

It is primarily classified as an adaptogen since it is very effective in helping your body combat stress.

However, it is a multipurpose herb with a myriad of health benefits which include, but are not limited to boosting the brain function, lowering the blood sugar levels, lowering the levels of stress hormone – cortisol, helping the body to fight the symptoms of anxiety and depression, and boosting the production of testosterone to increase sex drive and fertility in male.

These three ingredients – Ashwagandhar, hydroxytryptophan, and melatonin, are the basic and major foundation of the sleep-enhancing prowess of Resurge Supplement. But that’s not where it all ends.

The other vital ingredients in this formulation include-:

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L-theanine is a natural amino acid commonly found in tea leaves as well as in Bay Bolete mushrooms. It is also believed to be present in significant amounts in both black and green tea.

This is one of the few compounds known to the research world to promote relaxation without causing any drowsiness.

For this reason, most people like taking this compound to help them ease stress and to unwind. But L-theanine also has some incredible health benefits which include-: improving the length and quality of sleep, improving focus, increasing the cognitive performance, aiding weight loss, boosting the immune system, reducing blood pressure, and supporting certain cancer drugs.


This is an essential mineral and a very common name in the ingredient lists of very many weight loss supplements.

This is because of its immense health benefits. Its inclusion in the Resurge ingredient list, however, is because of its unique abilities to help you get deep, restorative sleep.

It is a vital mineral in the regulation of GABA levels – a vital neurotransmitter responsible for allowing quality sleep.

The other notable health benefits for magnesium include-: boosting physical performance, helping in the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes, helping to lower blood sugar levels, it contains anti-inflammatory properties, can help to reduce migraines, may help in reducing resistance to insulin, and it may also help to improve PMS symptoms in ladies.


Zinc is a trace element and one with a myriad of benefits to human health.

It is one of the go-to elements for those looking to boost their immunity, as well as promote healing, growth, and development after instances of infections.

On its own, zinc can’t lead to better quality sleep. However, when it is combined with magnesium as it has been done in this supplement, it becomes a deadly promoter of longer and deeper sleep.

Additionally, it will also help you have a more positive mood, optimize your metabolic system, and help in the restoration of your digestive system.


This is another amino acid usually found in protein-rich foods such as red meat, poultry, beans, dairy products, fish, and whole beans among others.

Some of its notable health benefits include enhancing athletic performance, regulating blood pressure, treatment of erectile dysfunction, treatment and prevention of preeclampsia, and improving blood flow.


This is yet another amino used that is extensively used in the formulation of a variety of weight loss supplements.

It is included in the Resurge ingredient list because of its unique abilities to produce enzymes, hormones, and antibodies that are vital for improving the length as well as the quality of sleep.

Lysine is also known to promote the production of collagen in the skin which in turn helps to reverse the signs of aging. It can also help the body to absorb more iron, calcium and zinc, besides supporting a healthy immune system.

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How does Resurge Work?

Resurge supplement is designed with a very specific goal in mind – accelerate metabolic functions while at the same time promoting deep sleep.

When you start aging, metabolism is bound to go down, and the same is also the case when you go to bed.

With a slowed metabolism, the accumulation of body fats is inevitable, leading to unwanted weight gain.

With time, the fat deposits keep on increasing in your body. With stubborn fats and a slowed metabolism, you will watch in frustration as you attempt to lose weight.

In most cases, you will turn to exercises and carefully watching your diet. If you have to go for Supplement, then you may be tempted to buy into weight loss supplements that will deliver a ton of unwanted side effects and very short-lived results.

Also, these supplements will compel you to change your diet and actively engage in exercise. This is never the case with Resurge.

The supplement has various ways of helping you lose weight while at the same time you enjoy long and deep sleeps. It does so through the following-:

Allowing ketosis – ketosis is the first process that the supplement achieves in helping you lose weight.

This is the process through which the body turns to the stored fats to convert them into ketones which are then used to provide the energy needed to drive a variety of body functions.

When the body is in the state of ketosis, carbohydrates will not be used as the main source of energy, but ketones.

The result will be a reduction in the total amount of fats stored in the body, making it possible for you to shed off some of the stubborn body fats.

Improves blood flow – when you have accumulated a lot of fat in the body, it is vital to clean or detoxify the body regularly.

The presence of these toxins in the body hampers greatly the effective flow of blood and they also increase the risk of contracting certain diseases.

Resurge is very effective in helping the body get rid of such toxins so that there can be a free flow of blood to all the parts of the body.

It improves immunity – the formulation of Resurge contains ingredients that are known to have powerful antioxidant properties and which will help to enhance the body’s natural immune system.

Reduces appetite – one method of losing weight is always appetite suppression.But for the majority, this is never a walk in the park.

As per HCBT: Resurge will help you cut down on the foods you eat without even noticing it. As such, it will be easy for you to cut down on your intake of calories so that you can stop further buildup of fat deposits which will ultimately help you lose weight.

Improves better sleep – Resurge will help to bolster your metabolic rate while at the same time gifting you with long and deep sleep.

Resurge Pricing


• It is made from 100% safe ingredients
• You don’t need to diet or work out to see the desired results
• It doesn’t contain stimulants as is always the case with most weight loss supplements
• You get it with a 60-day money-back guarantee
• Improves your focus and boosts your positivity
• It is within an affordable price range
• Works relatively faster


• Not suitable for nursing mothers
• You will need to use it for at least three months for you to see the desired results
• The shipping is not free

There are many supplements designed and formulated to help people shed off some extra pounds.

How to use Resurge

The manufacturer recommends that you should have two tablets of Resurge every day with a glass of water.

It is also recommended that you should take the tablets just before meals. If possible, you should consider a keto diet while using this supplement, though this is not absolutely necessary.

Resurge Side Effects

Resurge features a 100% natural formulation and doesn’t come with any adverse side effects. Users are yet to report any serious side effects.

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